The Best Costumes for True Halloween Fans

Be inspired by the Scavenger Escape Halloween Costume Ideas!

What is your Halloween costume? Have you decided yet? Or do you still need some valuable tips on how to choose just the right costume for you? We’ll gladly help you out!

👗 Some Individual Fancy Dresses 👀
Jenna Ortega and her Wednesday have set a new trend in terms of costumes and with the Barbie hype colour has come to play another part in the game. If you are not into mainstream trends, however, you may wanna go for some more original ideas.
As an escape room we have a unique connection to scary themes. Should you still be searching for a spooky leisure program on Halloween, we’d be delighted to help out as well! If you come to play at us in costumes on Halloween we even have a special surprise for you. Until then, let our rooms do some costume inspiring for you:

⛓️ Arrest and Escape - Prison Break 💥
Prisoners are a Halloween must-have – and in our Prison Break room, you’ll be supplied with the appropriate interior! What kind of criminal are you? A bank robber? Tax evader? Axe murderer? All crimes are welcome here! Although you may wanna choose your inmate colleagues by their contribution to your escape plan. So better go for the brilliant maniac. After all, you want to escape this jailhouse or you’ll stay here for the next ten Halloweens …

🧠 Genius and Madness – Secret Surgery 🦠
Speaking of crazy masterminds, in this room you are confronted with one! A mad doctor, a deadly virus, you’ve heard the story before. But it gives you the opportunity to take out these zombie costumes! Lunatic surgeons, wacky scientists, maniac professors, the whole academia of horror, bring them in!

👠 Sex and Crime – Gangsta’s Cage 18+ 👊
You are a group of friends who are rather excited with 18+ content? We gladly invite you to our Gangsta’s Cage escape game, where you start the evening by breaking into a nightclub.
Armed thugs fit in here perfectly. Every sort of criminal you can think of – from a bully boy to a mafia boss in a suit. Of course there’s also the nightclub atmosphere, so whoever is into kinky costumes will feel just like home.

🎃 Halloween Costume Benefits at Scavenger Escape Nuernberg 🍬
Once you’ve spent all this time on choosing the right costume and applying suitable Halloween make-up – why not put it to use? Come and play in our escape room on the 31st of October and we’ll reward your scary disguise: If you upload a photo of your group on Facebook or Instagram and tag us, we’ll reward you with a free board game! Plus, if you come to play with us between the 27th of October and the 2nd of November 2023, you can roll our dice of luck and profit from special discounts. You can find the details here.

No matter where or how you spend your Halloween 2023 – we wish you a hell of a time!