Scavenger Spring Awakening

Join us and enjoy 10% off on all outdoor games!

Springtime is finally here! It’s high time to escape stuffy closed rooms and return to the outdoors once more. If you enjoy city walks, spending time with friends and family AND solving riddles, we have just the activity for you!

🧭 Scavenger Escape Treasure Hunts 💎
It’s true, we are first and foremost popular for our escape rooms (check those out here), but we also have an outdoor program available for you!
The essence of the games is the same: You need to find hints and solve riddles in order to make progress. Only difference is: On our treasure hunts, you’re searching for clues in the city! We provide you with all the materials you need, tell you the frame story and off you go! Be sure to bring good footwear!

🏰 The Knights Templar Treasure Hunt ⚔️
Get to know the city on a special occasion! Have you ever heard of the lost Treasure of the Templars, from the secret medieval order? It’s yours for the taking!
All you need to do is follow the leads in the Book of Templars, guiding you through the medieval city center! If you read carefully and watch closely, the prize will be yours!

Yet another secret remains to be uncovered: The Knights Templar Treasure Hunt won’t be our only treasure hunt for very long - as we are working on a second outdoor game for you to discover!
Stay tuned!

Did we catch your attention?
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We look forward to seeing you!
Have a wonderful springtime! 🌷