Play with us FROM YOUR HOME!

The current restrictive measures have meant that all of our homes have become escape rooms from where breaking out hasn’t been easy even after long weeks of closure.

Meanwhile, companies operating “real” escape rooms have shifted some of their business online, so puzzle-enthusiasts can solve exciting new task whilst trapped at home. 

Scavenger Escape has developed its own online game: The Spear of Destiny. 

Your mission is to travel the planet to find a powerful, ancient relic. 

But this will not be easy! You will have to use your senses, combinatorial thinking skills, and experience in cryptography to solve tricky puzzles (all whilst sitting in front of your computer). 

Sound fun? Then become the world's greatest treasure hunter! Download the game now - the first 20 minutes are free!

Do you have more time than this living in quarantine? Buy the full 120-minute game or

surprise yourself or your friends with a Scavenger gift card at a discount price. If you use the coupon code homegame to purchase a gift card for one of our rooms, you will receive a 20% discount for the gift card and full access to the Spear of Destiny! 

Treat yourself or friends today!