The most expensive Easter eggs in the world!

The eggs, which are considered art treasures, were designed on the order of the Russian Tsar Alexander III. by Peter Carl Fabergé, a goldsmith of French origin living in Russia. The czar was looking for a special Easter gift for his wife, so he asked the master to make a present that was both valuable and a big surprise.

The first Easter egg of this kind was made in 1885 from solid gold covered with a layer of white enamel to resemble an actual egg. In the golden yolk on the inside of the egg, Fabergé placed a hen's nest decorated with rubies, in its center lay a miniature replica of the tsar's golden crown. It comes as little surprise to hear the czar liked this gift so much that from then on he demanded a new one every year. The tradition was carried on by his son Miklós II., who had two eggs prepared each year, one for his mother and one for his wife. More than 50 Easter eggs were made on the orders of the two czars, 43 of which have been preserved until today.

All Fabergé eggs are made of gold and/or silver with enamel and precious stone decorations. Marvels on a wide variety of topics were also hidden in most eggs. They include a pull-up light railway, portraits of members of the tsarist family, and even a golden carriage. The most famous egg is decorated with more than 3,000 diamonds.

Not surprisingly, each egg took almost a year to make. According to legend, Fabergé was so obsessed with perfection that he smashed pieces that did not meet his high standards with a hammer.

Fabergé eggs are rarely sold today, the last one appeared in 2014, until then it was gathering dust in the cellar of a country house. The buyer purchased the golden egg for eight thousand pounds because he assumed the gems in it to be valuable. In the end, he almost sold it to a buyer who would have melted it down for gold. Luckily, the deal did not materialize, and the owner discovered on the internet that he had acquired not just any golden egg, but a twenty-million-pound Fabergé egg that had been lost for decades.

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