Our newest mobile room: ARCTIC MISSION

We would like to present our newest environmental escape room, which will be unveiled on 9 May for the EUropean Climate Challenge 2023!

Our newest mobile escape room, ARCTIC MISSION, will be presented for the first time to fans of the genre at the EUropean Climate Challenge event from 9th to 16th of May 2023 in Salzburg!

What exactly is a mobile escape room? 

Our mobile escape rooms are designed mainly for private and corporate events, so compared to the built-in escape rooms, this mobile version is smaller, but the game is just as exciting! In fact, we can take it anywhere for you, whether it's a family event, a birthday party or a corporate team building training session - while keeping the game just as fun as our larger built-in escape rooms.

The Gameplay of the Arctic Mission

The game's excitement is reflected in its basic storyline: renowned scientist Prof. Ann Tarctica disappeared a few weeks ago while on an expedition to her Arctic research laboratory. While conducting her latest environmental research, she found something frozen in the ice that would surely have turned the scientific world upside down. So now it's up to you to recover everything related to this top-secret discovery before it falls into the wrong hands! Solve all the mysteries and return the secret discovery to a safe place!

You can find more information about the game on our website.