On a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a beloved spare time activity during the warm seasons. Time to figure out where they originated!

Back to Nature
Temperatures are increasing, along with the wish to spend more time outdoors. Scavenger hunts are a great way for riddle fans to get their amount of fresh air and puzzles all at once - for quite a long time already!

From high-end Parties …
The scavenger hunts as we know them have already been popular in the 1930ies - their modern founder being the American gossip columnist Elsa Maxwell, who hosted numerous high society events including scavenger hunts.

… to prestigious Universities

Scavenger Hunts have existed long enough to be a fixed tradition in some institutions: The University of Chicago has held scavenger hunts since the 1980ies, with the craziest of challenges: In 1999 two Physics students built a functional nuclear reactor in their dorm - and were rewarded 500 game points.

It’s a Matter of Principle
Be it high-end parties or dusty dorms, the principle of scavenger hunts remains the same overall: finding items and solving riddles, to emerge victorious in the end. The scavenger hunt at Scavenger Escape Nuernberg works in a slightly different way: In our game there is no losing party. Even if you’re stuck with a riddle or don’t know how to go on, we will support you until you’ve made it to the finish line!

You want to actively take part in a piece of history? At Scavenger Escape Nuernberg we not only have escape rooms for your entertainment! Our Knights Templar Treasure Hunt leads you on fiddly detours to historical sites in the city, testing your deductive abilities in front of sceneries steeped in history.

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