10 interesting exercises that develop our brains

Regular “exercise” of our brains is not only important to stay mentally fit, but it can also help us develop our mental abilities, keep our brains functioning well, and help us remember when we get older where we put our keys.

With the following 10 exercises, we can not only improve our cognitive abilities, but also reduce the symptoms of stress in the long run.

1) Let’s use more of our senses together

Let’s try to find a preoccupation where we have to use our senses together. Let’s go to a theatrical performance from time to time or cook in the kitchen. Combining different areas of the brain improves memory and strengthens brain cells.

2) Work in a team

Let's try to participate in as many team tasks as possible in our workplace or in our free time, for example in the form of a board game. Learning about other perspectives through working together moves our brains much better than working or thinking about a particular problem alone.

3) Meet new people

We can train our brains the most with constant new information. If next time we have to wait somewhere for a longer period, instead of burying ourselves in our phone, let’s try to mingle in conversation with new people.

4) Get acquainted with new products while shopping

Most people write a list before shopping and then approach the products in supermarkets in a targeted way. Allow yourself time to wander into unfamiliar places in stores, take new products off the shelf, and give them a try. Let's be open to the unknown!

5) Exercise regularly

Sport is one of the best ways to protect your brain. In particular, aerobic exercise helps to improve the health of brain tissue. During exercise, we produce a molecule that plays an important role in restoring brain cells and making connections between them. Moreover, some studies show that physical activity reduces the risk of developing dementia.

6) Memorize

Doing crossword puzzles, reading, or just learning a poem or lyrics: these are not only enjoyable leisure activities, but also help keep your brain cells in constant training. Instead of watching TV, let's spend our free time with programs like these as often as possible!

7) Look for new challenges

If every day goes the same way and we slowly feel like a robot, let’s change our daily routine! Of course, this is not an easy task overnight, but we must strive for renewal. It will get you started if you are at least looking for an exciting, challenging new hobby. Unfortunately, the monotonous way of life will end with our brains “comforting” sooner or later.

8) Learn foreign languages

Language learning also contributes greatly to the maintenance of our brains. While our brains are constantly having to choose between the words of the two languages, our problem-solving ability will also develop and it will be easier to focus our attention.

9) Relax

In addition to the above, it is important to mention that we also take enough time to rest our brains. During the day, let us stop working for a few minutes and not let our brains run, just let our thoughts loose: relax! This relaxation mode greatly promotes creativity and helps reduce stress.

10) Let's live a social life

A little chat with the neighbors, an exciting conversation with long-unseen girlfriends; they are good not only for our souls but also for our cognitive performance. Plenty of studies show that social life also has a positive effect on the gray stock.

With the exercises just described, we can achieve a better quality of life, so it would be very helpful to try more of these and turn them into a habit.

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