Why is an escape room perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties?

You have been chosen as best man or maid of honor and are now faced with the enormous challenge of planning an unforgettable evening for your best friend? Uff. Not exactly easy! It should be something that involves everyone, but of course especially the bride or groom enjoys.

"Icebreaker" Escape Room

At such an event, very different people often meet. Escape rooms have one big advantage: you have to work together. What better way to break the ice than to pursue a common goal? In addition, you get to know the strengths, weaknesses and special characteristics of all participants very quickly, because teamwork is required. Who has a creative solution? Who can think outside the box? Is there one person in the group who is good with numbers? Or do you even have a master lockpicker with you? Since the puzzles are also very different, everyone can contribute. The only important thing is that you have good communication with each other. Thus, the start of the evening ensures the right mood and plenty to talk about. And very important: unforgettable memories of a very special evening are guaranteed! Of course you will get a nice photo of your group after the game as a little reminder.

Just for you - your individually designed escape room

Escape rooms have pre-designed themes. But for such a special occasion, we are of course happy to make everything a little more personal. On request we change the puzzles so that, for example, a special date is the code for a lock, certain names appear in the game, favorite colors or personal photos become clues. But for that we need your help! Contact us at least a few days before the game and we'll show you all the ways to customize the game.

What to pay attention to?

An important point in the planning is the group size. Up to 6 people can play in each room. If more than 6 people play, it gets too crowded and chaotic. Of course you can split up into several rooms and play at the same time or even against each other. We have 5 different rooms with 5 levels of difficulty. Up to 30 people can play at the same time. However, if your group doesn't want to split up, you can also play our outdoor games.

Rock the party downtown with a scavenger hunt

Would you like to celebrate in a larger group in the city center when the weather is nice? Then you are well advised with our scavenger hunts! You can participate in several groups of up to 8 people. Contrary to an escape room, you are in the fresh air and have no time limit! So you can make as many stops or detours as you like. Go to your favorite bar for a refreshing drink, or draw everyone's attention with special dares. No matter what you want to do, it can be perfectly combined with our puzzle rallies.

Tips for planning:

- The sooner the better! Especially with large groups it is an advantage if you contact us a few weeks before the event, then you can most likely still freely choose what and when you want to play. Especially if you have your bachelorette party planned for a Saturday or holiday. Please also note that the planning and design of personal puzzles takes some time. Good preparation is essential for the perfect evening!

- If you are a large group, it is worth asking for offers. Depending on the size of the group, we can offer you discounts. It worth signing up for our newsletter or visit Facebook regularly, because we always have cool promotions!

- Pay attention not only to the topic, but also to the level of difficulty. Especially for Escape Room newbies, our most difficult room can be frustrating. We know that the theme of the room is usually at the fore when choosing one, but if you choose the most difficult room for your first Escape Room ever, you most probably will need a lot of help from the game master. The great sense of achievement of having conquered the room together could not happen that way. Think about whether the topic is really worth it to you!

If you are considering having a bachelor party in an Escape Rooms, then get in touch - we will be happy to advise you!