You Have a CHANCE 🎲 That Could Get You a 60% Discount!

If you dress up for Halloween, you can even go home with a treat!

Halloween is on the doorstep, and of course, we've arranged something special to make this holiday even more thrilling for you! Between October 27th and November 2nd, 2023, with just one dice roll, you can enjoy exclusive discounts and even take home a board game!
Let's delve into the details!

Roll the dice, and get up to 60% off!
If you play in the Scavenger Escape Room Nürnberg escape rooms during the promotion period, you'll be provided with a secret weapon: two dice! At the end of the game, roll the dice, and if you get the same number, you’ll be rewarded with the following discounts:

Roll a 1 on both dice: 10% discount
Roll a 2 on both dice: 20% discount
Roll a 3 on both dice: 30% discount
Roll a 4 on both dice: 40% discount
Roll a 5 on both dice: 50% discount
Roll a 6 on both dice: 60% discount 🏆

You can use your winnings for your next game.

Dress up on October 31st

On October 31st it’s time to put on your most creative Halloween costumes and come play with us! Don't forget to capture the moment and share it in an Instagram or Facebook story! Tag @scavengerescapenuernberg in the picture, and our game masters will swiftly supply your team with an EXIT board game for free!

Book now, don't delay!
You can conveniently book your game online in advance! Celebrate Halloween with us in the company of your friends and family, and if you're looking for a corporate team-building program, Scavenger Escape Nürnberg is an excellent choice as well!