Scavenger Escape Room PRIVACY POLICY

Escape Room Kft. (registered office: 1075 Budapest, 15. Asbóth Street, floor cellar, tax number: 25463552-2-42) as a service provider ("Service Provider") handles the customer’s (“Customer”) personal data - which it receives while doing business -, and processes them as described in this privacy policy.

Concerning data protection, Service Provider as Data Controller is responsible to act according to the Law on Information Self-Destruction and Freedom of Information while respecting and complying with all the EU GDPR regulation.

Service Provider shall ensure the security of the data storage conditions that the personal data is unauthorized to third parties. Personal data may only be modified in accordance with the explicit provision of the customer's relevant, and shall only be used for the performance of the given service, in a manner appropriate to its fulfillment, in the extent justified. - unless otherwise provided by law.

Data is stored and maintained by Service Provider in a protected database and it is not let to expend to a third party, only if the third party is taking part in the service or it is necessary in order to exercise the rights. Those who are entitled to use the data provided by the Service Provider are not entitled to transfer the data to any other person in any way.

Customer is entitled to request information at any time, before, -during or after the use of the Provider’s service- about what kind of their personal data type is used or handled for which management purposes. Customer is entitled to request written information regarding the stored personal data but only about his own. 

Service Provider keeps a record about all the provided services and the data which connected to it. Data processing is necessary for the performance of a contract in which the party concerned is required to take action on one of the parties or prior to the conclusion of the contract.

When Customer is making the reservation he or she irrevocably contributes to the processing of personal data as specified in this policy, in particular for the purpose of recording, organizing, storing, linking and analyzing it, as well as the persons specified below for processing or for the purpose of further processing, as long as data management is necessary in order to comply with the statutory requirement and/or fulfill the legal obligation for the Data Controller.

Customer acknowledges, expressly and irrevocably agrees that, if Customer has not fulfilled his or her obligations assumed to be fulfilled by mistake or delay, Service Provider is entitled to submit Customer’s data necessary for the claim and forwarded to contracted third parties acting on the claim, as well as transferring its claim to a third party. Data handling is necessary to enforce the legitimate interests of the Data Controller or a third party.

In our shop, surveillance cameras are operating to ensure the security of Customer no consent is required.

Service Provider is entitled to deliver electronic advertisement or other addressed content to Customer in order to increase the efficiency of the service, the delivery is addressed to the Customer based on its consents. Customer has the right to prohibit these activities of Service Provider. 

If Customer considers that his personal data is being infringed, he / she may request information from Service Provider about the processing of his / her personal data and can request the rectification or cancellation of his / her personal data. Except for the statutory processing of the data. If you do not consider this information to be satisfactory, then Customer can ask help from the authority:

with the exception of statutory data handling, deletion. If you do not consider this information to be satisfactory, then the Subscriber may apply to the National Data Protection and Information Authority.

Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság

1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.

The examination of the Authority does not constitute as an administrative procedure.

If Customer rights are damaged by the Service Provider, Customer can turn to the court.

Customer may request information:

Escape Room Kft.

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