The First Escape from a Room

Escape games are now more popular than ever - but how come?

We from Scavenger Escape did some investigating.


The origins of escape games unexpectedly go back to the digital world of point and click adventures. The first widely popular predecessor occurred in 2004: the online game Crimson Room by Japanese developer Toshimitsu Takagi, that already included the most important elements: Playing in first person-perspective, you find yourself locked in a room and need to find a key in order to escape.  


The transition from the digital to the real world also succeeded in Japan for the first time - Takao Kato (SCRAP Entertainment Inc.) opened his Real Escape Game, that already included time limits, in 2007. It was the beginning of a global success: In the early 2010s escape rooms could already be found in Australia, Singapur, San Francisco and Budapest. 


Today escape rooms are not a rarity anymore, the website World of Escapes lists thousands of rooms all around the globe. The pandemic naturally caused great problems for escape rooms. We, like many others, answered by broadening the variety of our escape games. Alas, the crisis has given us the opportunity to grow and develop.

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