Scavenger Escape has developed its own online game: The Spear of Destiny.

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It’s Friday again. You’re sitting in the office, not really working since lunch, just waiting for the clock to pass 5… It’s 17:00 already you’re just minutes away from hanging out and grabbing a beer with the colleagues....

Scary? Thrilling? Frightening? Yes, this is Halloween time! Everybody will go crazy in funny costumes and try to scare each other. Are you planning the same? Suit up and have fun with us at Scavenger!

It’s always a struggle to find a nice place to hang out together with your colleagues at the end of the year.

For some of us it’s still 34 degrees in Southern Europe but for the others the weather is starting to get colder and colder.

We know that the school has just started. Ugh... Yeah we know the struggle.

Celebrate music with Scavenger

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We are looking for our Scavenger Escape Star!

Here is a new challenge for you and your friends! Not everybody can be a hero and save the mankind.

Escape Games wouldn’t be the same without the brilliant design of the Scavenger Escape Rooms. When our visitors enter the venue they immediately get transported to another dimension, another place and time where their mi...

Escape Rooms had spectacular success worldwide and we are so happy to announce that Scavenger Escape Malta is up and running! Our goal is to provide you with fun and brain-teasing experience that you can share with famil...

Tired of boring dates? You don’t want to be just sitting in a restaurant feeling a bit awkward or go together to the cinema where you just sit for two hours without even talking? Don’t bore yourself and your date – go fo...

Escape rooms have been taking over the world with their brain-teasing concept. We are excited to open the first one in Malta so we have prepared a guide to help you and your friend with your adventure. Here are some tips...

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