Madrid Treasure Hunt

A Gift from Picasso
Madrid sightseeing tour in Treasure Hunt style? Get ready! Scavenger Escape is introducing the Madrid Treasure Hunt! Have you ever imagined going back in time, playing as a detective, following clues and exciting tasks around the city center? During our game you have to discover historical places in Madrid, solve puzzles and logical tasks in order to find the precious forgotten treasure.
At the beginning of the adventure you receive a Scavenger Kit with a diary, a map and different kind of tools that will guide you during the adventure. It is not only a fun game but also an exciting history lesson in which you will learn about the city. At the end, the team has to come back to the Scavenger Escape Madrid HQ to complete the mission!

Team size: 2-8 players
Game duration: 3-4 hours


Number of players 2-8 players
Duration 180 - 240 Mins
Difficulty level