egyptian adventure

Egyptian Adventure

Work your way through the mysterious Egyptian bazaar and find the hidden chest with secret messages before the enemy does!

room-capacity 2-6 players

game-time 60 mins

difficulty Easy

egyptian adventure

  Torture Chamber

Escape the horror chamber. Your deepest fears will haunt you and your blood will freeze.

room-capacity 2-6 players

game-time 60 mins

difficulty Hard

egyptian adventure

  Gangsta's Cage

U.S. Early 1960s. Save your boss’ daughter from another gang by breaking into their night club.

room-capacity 2-6 players

game-time 60 mins

difficulty Medium

egyptian adventure

Vienna Treasure Hunt

The Vienna Treasure Hunt is a fun game where players go out to the city of Vienna and try to find places, hidden clues with the help of a mysterious diary.

room-capacity 2-8 players

game-time 180 mins

difficulty Medium

egyptian adventure

Online Treasure Hunt

In our latest treasure hunt game called The Spear of Destiny, you get the chance to look for the powerful spear from your home.

room-capacity 2-8 players

game-time 120 mins

difficulty Medium


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2 players: 60 EUR
3 players: 80 EUR
4 players: 100 EUR
5 players: 112 EUR
6 players: 120 EUR


Address: 1070 Wien, Kandlgasse 29 Phone: +43 15 222 805



Teams played worldwide

37 min

Fastest escape


Hidden items


How many people can play?

We recommend groups of 3-5 people. However, each room can be played by a minimum of 2 people, but hey…the more minds the greater the chance to escape, right?

How much does it cost?

2 player – €60 (€30 / person)
3 player – €80 (€27 / person )
4 player – €100 (€25 / person)
5 player – €112 (€22.5 / person)
6 player – €120 (€20 / person)

Which language do we need to know?

You will need basic German or English. Don’t worry you don’t need to be a linguist!

Is there an age-limit?

The recommended minimum age is 14. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

How can we pay?

You can pay online during the booking process. We use a very safe online payment solution provided by a PayPal company. We also accept cash payment at our location. Please note that we don't accept Credit or Debit cards.

Are we allowed to reschedule or cancel an appointment?

If you have any problem with the time of your booked appointment please contact the staff for a possible solution.

When should we arrive for our game?

Please arrive 15 minutes in advance for a short introduction to the game. We’re going to wait for you with a really nice atmosphere!

Is there anybody helping us if we feel stuck?

Of course! There is surveillance equipment in the rooms and one of our staff will always be watching.