Casino MovEscape

It is well-known that The MoveCasino is one of the best performing casinos in the country. Miss Ficherman, a  famous diva has recently visited the casino. As she is not a good gambler, when she visits a casino, she regularly loses a lot of money. To our luck, she was only able to lose her debt here, even though she got the debt in cash and jewellery. These valuables are still at the casino, but the delivery to the bank can happen any time. You are here because we know your skills and that only you can acquire the bag. You only have one hour left. Good luck, don't run out of time, because otherwise the cops will arrest you. One more important piece of information! Be careful: the safe is protected by a laser, which needs to be disabled or you will end up in prison!

This mobile room is smaller compared to the built-in escape rooms, but the fun and enjoyment are granted!


Number of players 2-5 player
Duration 45 mins
Difficulty level